Access your child's medical records

on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Sign up now - call our office at 781-631-7800 to enroll - it only takes a few minutes.

Not enrolled? Call our office @ 781-631-7800 to sign up.

Life is busy.  Juggling your day-to-day and staying on top of your family's health care can be a challenge, but we've set up our new portal to help.  Our practice's online tool at mhp.pcc.com/portal lets you communicate with us easily, any time and from anywhere.

You can access your child's medical records on your smartphone through Marblehead Pediatrics' secure patient portal at mhp.pcc.com/portal.

Using your secure password and user ID, you can log into our practice at mhp.pcc.com/portal 24/7 from your home or office.  All you need is a mobbile phone, tablet device or a computer with internet access

Information you can access through my kid's Chart

When you access our patient portal, you can review a complete health information summary for each child in y our care, including:

  • Most recent physical date
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Historical visits
  • A summary of labs and medical tests
  • A problem list, allergy list, and medications list
  • A complete immunization record

You can download or print your child's immunization record directly from Marblehead Pediatrics' portal at mhp.pcc.com/portal, and you can review a detailed visit summary for any appointment.

Secure Messaging

You will be able to communicate with your pediatrician by sending and receiving secure messages via our portal.