It is our intention to provide you and your children with the best care possible at all times and to accommodate as many requests as are realistic and feasible. It is within this context that we ask you to take a few moments to review our office appointment policies:

Arrive Early: Please remember that all insurance requires that your insurance data be updated prior to each encounter. This usually takes a few minutes. If this is not done, your insurance may deny your claim. In order to not limit your time with the provider, please arrive a few minutes early to help us complete this process.

Please Be On Time: We will do our best to respect your time and stay as close to schedule as possible. If you are late, patients who arrive after you but on time for their appointment may be seen first. We will do everything possible to accommodate late arrivals, but this may require you to wait to be seen at a later time.

Schedule Same-Day Appointments For Sick Visit: Other than during our walk in hour on Mondays from 8 to 9AM, our office is not generally set up to accommodate walk in appointments. If you feel you or your child needs a same-day appointment, please call our office and one will be scheduled.

Cell Phones: Please turn off cell phones in the examination rooms.

No Food: Please do not have food in exam rooms except for bottles or sippy cups.

Consent To Treat: By Massachusetts State law, children under the age of 18 require a guardian to be present for medical care. The only exceptions to this include emergencies where delaying care will place the child’s life at risk, and certain situations pertaining to reproductive health care. Therefore, please have a legal guardian (parent or court appointed guardian) present for all office visits. If a guardian is not present, we will attempt to reach one by phone. However, certain treatments and care may not be able to be provided, even with phone consent.